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[PH] .with all my love
Posted on 2017.09.16 at 23:32

[ToG] .hope

The Watercolor of Song

Posted on 2011.01.20 at 22:58
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[Title] The Watercolor of Song
[Fandom] Super Junior I kid you not
[Characters] Kui Xian Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi
[Warnings] None
[Summary] The color of song is muted watercolor that seep into the paper like drowning.
[Dedication] Aniki, because it's all her fault.

Only Aniki will get this one, because. Lol. I don't even.

/goes back to writing Jack/Glen sob

He wonders at the subtleties of indirect kisses, stolen treasures from the rims of coffee mugs and the sealed envelopes of letters, and wonders if it’s the same if he tastes Kyuhyun’s words on the tip of his tongue like so much cinnamon.Collapse )

[Title] Sojourns of a Glass Tower
[Fandom] Pandora Hearts
[Characters] Jack Vessalius, Glen Baskerville, and appearances by the rest of the Pandora Hearts cast
[Warnings] None
[Summary] AU, canon continuation in the vaguest sense; A man is cast as Ophelia, and Glen just has to deal.
[Dedication] numi_nami, for the PH gift exchange of 2011

They were reassured repeatedly and profusely by Reim Lunettes,‭ ‬secretary and general affairs manager of the man who was more or less the sponsor of the Pandora Project,‭ ‬that the man in question was more than suitable for the role,‭ ‬and with a little hair and makeup and some padding in the right places you wouldn‭’‬t even notice the difference.Collapse )

Because. I should at least. Update. Once in a while. orz

Rehearsal was fun today. We did a lot of Khachaturian, and Tchaikov. and all that good stuff. The only regret I have is that we didn't get to Mozart. >: Next time, maybe. It was hilarious how every time the conductor praised a section our second bassist would go 'hrm hrm' with his bass.

It made me think about how the voice works, and whether or not one can replicate vocal sounds on instruments. With the strings, however, we're missing the bits and pieces of the lips and the exhaling that comes with making words. For the winds, they're missing that string vibration. Vocal chords and mouth, right? I wonder if it's possible to make an instrument where you blow into it... and strings vibrate.

Something that lets the mute 'speak' with the same components of the voice that everyone else uses.

In other news, this thread made me so happy. Echo + pretty dresses = win, I swear. I ended up spending the rest of the week trying to draw Echo and trying to draw dresses and trying to put them together.

In which there is Echo and dresses, often at the same time, and a miserable rant on Vincent, that bastard.Collapse )

Lily Baskerville

I've had this muse for four days.


Four days.

Nnngh I think this is a record for me. There's just something about playing a character that's so stupid yet so excitable at the same time. I don't know, I just shut off my brain and out she comes. If I'm actually like her subconsciously, I think I might have to punch something ;A;

But I have so much headcanon for her nnngh. I just hope canon doesn't shoot it all down the next chapter. Because that would be a lot of things to retcon. ;3;

... possibly the most pointless post yet, haha.

Welcome Reine to my journal! Not that I post here anyway, but it's the thought that counts, right? This just means I get to stalk you more than I already do, haha 8D;;

Nnngh, I guess I'll try to post here more.

Oh, and here's that character meme that I've seen floating around but has been too lazy to doCollapse )

[PH] .i take your life
Posted on 2010.07.21 at 15:10
There is a river that cannot be crossed when the candles go outCollapse )

[APH] .hesitant

Meme number 2 orz

Posted on 2010.04.27 at 20:54
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I have too many muses--Collapse )

And I have. A gazillion other muses, but I... don't really ship anymore. xD So to save us all the TL;DR, I'll just. Quietly leave them out. /o/

[ToV] .glee

Meme orz

Posted on 2010.04.27 at 00:03
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Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

Because some of them were really obvious, I made a few up. Haha. >>;;Collapse )

Happy Easter Everyone!

Cal;Collapse )

Dana;Collapse )

Squeak;Collapse )

Hyouri;Collapse )

Birdy;Collapse )

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